Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Truth about Pit Pro Dirt Bikes !!

Today I am going to talk about Pit Pro Dirt bikes.

(Note: I am note affiliated or paided by Pitpro in anyway way)

I'm just going to call it how I see it.

If you go on eBay Australia and search

# Home >
# Buy >
# Cars, Bikes, Boats >
# Motorcycles >
# Trail Bikes >
# Other Trail Bikes>

You'll come across the Chinese Dirt bikes for sale. The Pit Pro Dirt bikes,
AKA. MOTOVERT's lower end range just under a different brand but owned buy
the same company, have been on ebay for several years now. I don't know
the exact time frame but and guessing 3+ years.

What I like about the Pit Pro Range is they come from a reputable Chinese
supplier that has been manufacturing Pit Bikes for as long as the late 90's.
The whole range from 50cc to 160cc are from one Supplier so the quality
is consistant.

The new XR range caught in eye in particular although I have been watching
them for quite some time the minor problems which we nortorious with Pit bikes
like Frames breaking , Rims despokeing, Fork Seal bursting are a thing of the

The XR range is like buying a Hamburger with the Lot. It already equipped
with indestrutcable Trellis frame, Kenda Tyres, sports Pro Curcuit replica
exhaust, Massive 160cc monster output engine, Alloy swing arm and decent
plastics & graphics. It's a impressive looking bike on the showroom and
attracts attention. The only thing it needs is decent Japanese chain and
probably a set of Pro Tapers and your good to race.

I liked the bike so much bought several of them. They ride nice but what
amazed me the most was how much power the 160cc engine can produce. It sets you
back as you try to hold on the handle bars going forward from 2nd, 3rd, and
4th gears very quickly. The 160cc engine runs a lightned fly wheel. It spins
up very quickly because it doesn't have a large magneto to spin. There's hardly
any weight so the throttle response is instant bit like a 2 stroke engine but
without the annoying lawn mover high pitch sound. The throttle can be tricky
if your a novice as you need to keep the revs up or you can easily stall the
engine if you in the thick stuff.

The XR range for internmediate buyer prepared to spend $1600+. I say to all
those who are interested in Pit bike riding it doesn't come better than this
bike, for the features this bike has the price is a bargain in my opinion. It
won't break on you in the first

Happy and Safe Riding..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kids Riding Unregisted Pit Bikes in Urban Environments Attacting a Lot of Attention

It's a alarming trend that kids are riding unregistered Pit Bikes in urban environments which is attracting alot of attention by concerned parents and the police. In my local town kids don't seem to care where they ride Pit bikes on the main street.

Anywhere and everywhere they ride there bikes evading the police to enjoy the thrill of bike riding but at what cost to them and what cost to society. In my local town they do sell registered pit bikes but to ride one you have to have a bike license so your pretty much a motorcyclist on the road. Kids who ride pit bikes are under aged, don't have any sense of road rules and don't have a motorcycle license. To them riding a bike is a way to having fun. Why they rid on the streets is there's no where else to ride. 85% of the time people get upset because of the noise the bikes make.I bet everyone has heard in some point in time a screaming motorbike tearing down the street. Then you look outside its a young kid on a off road dirt bike with out helmet and safety gear.

Not all the blame can be put on the kids. Kids are kids if don't have a place to ride they will ride anywhere they think they can get away with it. Society and local councils have to share some blame in the growing problem. It's a matter of time until we see young kids getting killed on the roads like we saw with stand up petrol scooters . Bikes are dangerous and riding unregistered with no insurance is suicide.

How do we fix the problem is by providing community awareness, education, rider safety courses and build tracks for the kids to ride so they stay off the road. Local members of parliament need to step up and address these issues with there local communities. With that said local councils need to spend money on infrastructure. The community also need to do there part with parents discipline they're kids instead of the police doing it.

Without the joint efforts of Government and society the problem won't go way.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pit Bike Horsepower- Increase Your Pit Bike Horsepower 20% by Just Doing 3 Simple Things

We bought 2 parts which we will bolt on and replace the original parts with.

First thing you need to buy is a iridium Spark plug. This little bad boy is amazing.

It basically super charges your spark so your bike will fire allot easier and with

more bite. In fact you can test it buy taking the spark plug out of the engine and

holding it about 5cm away and kick the bike. The current will jump and still ignite the

coil. You will see a blue lightning bolt. Its cool and this type of spark plug is your

secret weapon. Cost is about $10 but its worth every cent.

The Second mod you will need is a Uni Filter. Throw the standard pod filter away and buy a

Uni filter. This a the best brand in the market and is washable. Make sure you oil it

up with Filter oil so dirt does not get into your engine. The uni filter must have the

same diameter mouth so it will fit onto your original carburetter.

Thirdly and probably the mod that gives you the most back for your buck but cost you nothing

just some elbow grease is grinding or porting your exhaust flange. This step is highly

under estimated. The factory exhaust system is probably cheap but it doesn't matter. You don't

need a after market exhaust. Undo the bottom bolts of the exhaust. Where the flange ends

is where they weld it to the exhaust itself. Inside this section you want to and port

(car term) or smooth out with a die grinder. After your finish run your finger inside the

exhaust inlet and it should feel smooth. Its a finicky process and time consuming but

trust me its worth the effort. Make sure now shaving go back into your engine buy cleaning

the exhaust before re bolting on. You make need use a new copper flange (kind of like O-ring

but copper) if your bike is old you will need to replace it.

Your done. You now have better spark. You now have a aftermarket pod filter so your engine

will breathe allot freer and also sound better and you have a hi-flowing exhaust system.

Try it today and you will see overall response in rev range much quicker, smoother take off

and less crackles in top end.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Most Critical Step When First Buying a Pit Bike Off EBay

The No.1 thing you MUST NOT DO when first buying a Pit bike is to
rev the absolute sh*t out of the engine from the get go.

Congratulations you just prevented killing your engine life by 50%.

The proper way even though it's tempting to thang from the start is to
to assemble the bike as per instructions detailed below.


* Front wheel
* Handle Bars
* Check fuel lines & wiring, spark plug lead
* Plastics & decals
* Go over the bike completely with a spanner.
* Lock tight the important parts on the bike that receive the most vibration.

These parts are the Exhaust brackets, Muffler brackets, Engine mounts, plastics, head stem nuts etc..Why ? Because when you are out riding over time whey will vibrate loose and you could lose parts of your bike in the bush or even worse in the act of riding which can cause failure or serious harm to the rider


Make sure the red kill switch is turned off. This is usually located on the front of the handle bars. Pour fuel into the fuel tank only enough to enter the carburetor for now. Put the bike into neutral and kick the engine with your right foot.

Run the engine in with 1-2 tanks of fuel on 50% throttle only. Most China Pit bike bought on eBay with have the same generic tanks which hold about 2.9 liters of fuel. It will take approx 4hrs per tank so it will take you all day. You'll be tempted to skip this step but don't. This is very critical step because it sets the rings and piston in the barrel and basically gets the engine ready for hard riding. Without this proper running in stage your rings can not seat and you can easily melt your piston onto the crank. I've seen this happen many times. You'll be up for a new engine straight away.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top 10 Pit Bike Countdown 2009

Check it out. The Top 10 Pit Bike Countdown 2009

Any comments are welcome


Monday, August 31, 2009

How the Chinese Pit bike Manufactures desimated the low end Market slashing Japanese manufacturer revenue?

The Pit bike crazy has had a major impact on the motor bike market in the last 5-6 years with the Big 4 Japanese manufactures feeling the pitch the most. Gone are the high prices of models like the Yamaha pee wee 50, Honda 50, Kawasaki 70 in with the Chinese equivalent. It really is a buyers market now that raw materials are cheaper to import and the Chinese government offer favored tax breaks to start up factories exporting goods overseas.

Consumers just want a fair deal and with Chinese manufactures now importing engineers from USA, Japanese and Europe the technology is now obtainable. With trade negations sealed raw Metals like iron ore imported from countries like Australia enable the quality to lift substantially have allow small un recognized Chinese factories enter the market and compete in the international market. Such Brands like Apollo & Xmotos lead the charge with in China exporting 50-100,000 units per year decimation the low ended market but on the other hand giving money conscious consumers value for money.

These leading Chinese manufactures are well backed financially and have the blessing of the Chinese government in incentives to encourage export and job creation as china becomes even bigger. With such infrastructure and backing they can afford experienced contract engineers from Japan and USA. The technology and machinery is replicated or imported from overseas into China so quality is stable. The major car manufactures of the world have been in China for over 30 years and now motorcycles are moving the small direction over the last 5-6 years.

The foot hole for Chinese Pit bikes in global market will always remain just the quality will get better and the price will increase over time. China still has not caught the Japanese in the 250cc-450cc displacement engines but already Motard Dirt bikes are rivaling Japanese motard bikes in the lower end again due to imported engineers and machinery. Keep a close eye on this market its wide open and Japanese manufactures are becoming very cautious.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Customize Your Pit bike by adding Your Own Flavour

Customize your pit bike by adding a little favour of your own. You don't want to look like your mates bike. You want your bike to look original to suit your own style so the chicks dig it and you get noticed out on the track. Here are my Top 10 recommendations both to improve looks and performance. Most to the mods are cheap. It will also add value to your bike if you want to resell it later you'll get more for it.

My Top 10 Recommendations

1. Trash Your factory sticker kits. Add a nice looking Monster kit , DC Shoes Kits.

2.. Pro Taper XR / CRF50 Kit includes 7" Rise chromoly Pro Taper Handlebar and Pad ,Throttle and Brake cables. Kill switch. Brake lever/Perch. Pro Taper half waffle grips. Throttle housing assembly

3. Billet Pegs, Billet Gear Selector, Billet Brake Lever, Billet, Rear Billet Sprocket 37Tooth

4. Clear Sprocket Side Cover

5. Inner Rotor Kit includes Hi Rev 15,000 rpm Computer Chip

6. After Market Uni Filter

7. Kenda / Millville Tyres

8. Engine Dress up Kit

9. Hi Flow After Market Exhaust System (Pro Circuit)

10. Billet Alloy Hubs

Monday, August 3, 2009

How they can make mini bikes so cheap !

If you don't know where 95% of mini bikes (AKA Pit bikes) come from let me set the record straight before we go on any further. Pit bikes come from 70% of the worlds products are from. You guessed it 'Made in China' . Anyone tell you any different they are B.S to you. I mean how else can they make them so cheap in the world and have the resources and man power. The Chinese philosophy is sell in Volume even if you only make $1 profit its $1 you more didn't have before.

With the 1.3billion people in China, labour is cheap and readily available. Each city in China has a speciality and predominately will produce similar types of product because the material or parts are easy to get. A bit like a hive and bees. The Hive is the town with its natural resources and the Bees feed off it and work with each other to produce same products. The Factories team up buy in bulk of other factories then split to materials to full fill there own orders. For example if they had a order for 300 bikes they would outsource and buy the tyre from a tyre factory at $1 each. But if they knew that their mate Tony's down the road who also has a dirt bike factory needs 500 tyres also they would combine and buy 800 tyres at .95 cents each. Now 5c saving doesn't sound like much but some of the mini bike factories export thousands of containers it all adds up. Lets say they do this for 50% of the parts and the other 50% are made in house. You taking 10's of thousands saved which make the Bosses of the factories richer.

The laws in China are less stringent than laws in the western world. They don't have unions to back them with wage disputes of health and safety issues. In fact its a joke there is no such animal called that. The head of capital is greater than the jobs available so workers are scared to dispute pays with factory bosses afraid of losing their jobs. This contributes to the low salaries thus western countries can buy the product at a cheap price.

Another cheap way factories can save a few dollars and I've seen it happen many times is when they produce a order they will substitute cheaper parts in a line. The end product will look the same with same finish. But the quality of the steel is lower grade making it weaker. For example years ago I bought a container of Mini Bikes and the frames all were exactly the same as the last order. Nothing wrong all perfect except when you jumped the bike the frame would bend. The factory had substitute Chrome Molly steel for mild steel frames without advising me. 85% of the frames bent. What a disaster. That was a major flaw in the bike however factories to save a buck will swap small parts for cheaper parts if you do not pay close attention to detail. This rubs off on the consumer and you ultimately pay the price.

Another sneaky way factories save money (some do pass the cost saving onto they're clients) is to outsource the whole order. Allot of small factories do this but don't tell there clients. They put dollar figures and profit in front of reputation and quality. They get Tony's factory down the road to make it then they stamp it with they're factory logo and box it with they're factory packaging. This is a common practice in China if you do not visit your supplier on a routine basis.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Are Mini Bikes Toys for kids ?

Every kid grows up and sooner or later either has a bicycle or dirt bike depending on what the parents could afford. Back in the old days when your choices where limited to the Big 4 manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki only the well off could afford hefty price tags of a few thousand to ride the beginner model pee wee 50 or 90. Back then some 10 years ago it was just too expensive for the beginner to get into motocross. The introduction of the Chinese Mini Bikes (Monkey Bike, copy of the Honda) it opened up a can of worms for the Big Japanese manufactures who had it sweet all this time with little or no competition in the bottom end range 50cc-100cc. The Chinese bikes flooded the market some six years ago in Australia and couple years earlier in the States. This basically cut out the low end market for the Japanese bikes and allowed newbie motocross riders to get into the sport at a entry level.

No real distribution channels were correctly setup because the Chinese would sell and anyone. Mom and Pop backyard operations sprung up like the plague all across America, Europe, Canada and Australia.

The Chinese pumped these out like hot cakes and thousands of containers of Mini bikes entered the shores. The Bikes were mostly made of reinforced mild steel for the frames, and recycled alloy hubs which were weak at he spokes. The finish was not great to begin and attention to detail took a back seat to pure volume.

Being that said the bikes were so cheap to get and the average kid could start on a 50cc or 110cc pit bike with all the protection and armor for under $1000. The bikes wouldn't last and basically became a throw away item. It was cheaper to replace the whole bike then it was to pay a mechanic to fix it. If the engine blew up you would rebuild it just throw away the old one and slam in a new one.

Kids and teenagers took to these bikes abused and destroyed them. They were not a machine to be serviced and maintained as they should but because they were so cheap they treated them like toys. Disposable toys like when DVD & MP3 players.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Pit Bikes Became so Cheap to buy ?

The Pit bike craze some 4-5 years ago when they were first released in the market took the traditional Japanese bikes by shock. In fact most Dealerships that carried Yamaha, Honda or Kawasaki didn't think they would stick but when everyone started buying them it sporned a epidemic literally overnight. A whole new market was born.

Here's where it went all wrong. See 99% of Pit bikes are made in China. Yes, that's the truth. They are made in china where 70% of the worlds goods are made. There was no real distributor channels setup because the Chinese in there infinate wisdom will do anything to make a buck so they sell to anyone who will "show them the Money". So basically you could source Pit bikes from China or steal your competitors supplier and start bringing them in yourself and sell them at a lower price. Cut your competitors throats and many flyby backyard operations killed the market big time. Now any Joe Blow can get the sames bikes work out of home and sell them dirt cheap. Back in the hay days I know several importers in Australia (who will remain nameless) that brought them in and sluted the market to make a quick buck.

They sold them on eBay by the hundreds of thousands. The number of eBay sellers who sold Mini Bikes quadrupled on both US and AU eBay. So all of a sudden everyone is flogging off these little puppies and making $25-$50 profit just so they could screw they're rivals. The some ebay sellers in Australia would sell 300-1000 bikes per month. Now if you check ebay under Dirt bikes>other , you'll see alot are listing them at Buy it Now or Starting at there lowest profit margin for example $599.

In the end everyone lost except the consumers. It was and still is a consumers paradise. They go so cheap that the supply out weighed the demand because every man and his dog had in sitting in the shed.

The demand is still and will always be there because a certain target market predominately blue color working class society needs entry level bikes to learn how to ride.

Gone are the days where importers would make 200-300% profit on a item, now its more like 30%- 50% after expenses. There are some small variables that influence the price over time like exchange rate , availability and seasons but most definitely it is Supply vs Demand.