Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Reputable Mini Dirt bike Sellers on eBay Australia (updated March 2010)

I've been the in the Mini Dirt bike game for many years. Now I don't do so much I prefer
to build my Internet and website business because the returns are much higher and
overheads lower compared to a traditional business.

Never the less what I can say is back in the glory days when Mini Bikes were hotter than
Elle MAcPherson wearing a G-string there was more demand than supply.

As several months pasted many sellers got on the band wagon. Some 5-6 years later those
sellers (my competitors at the time) are still selling Mini Bikes. For them to stick around
so long they are either picking up the scraps or extremely stupid.

Either way these sellers have lived through thee glory days and now not making as much
profit but have established themselves as trustworthy Powersellers on eBay.

These reputable Sellers (I recommend any of the below) are as follows.

1. Positive Feedback: 99.0%
Feedback score: 23150

2. Positive Feedback: 99.7%
Feedback score: 22862

3. Positive Feedback: 99.7%
Feedback score: 18867

4. Positive Feedback: 99.5%
Feedback score: 3043

5. Positive Feedback: 99.5%
Feedback score: 4909

All these sellers of mini bikes have been importing for 3-4+ years and are trustworthy
sellers. I know them personally and have purchased goods from them in volume in the past.

Good luck bidding