Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Video Promo of DHZ Outlaw 160R Mini Dirt Bike Review

Heres the lastest (September Promo) Review on the DHZ 160R Mini dirt bike.

DHZ are bordering on the Mid to highend pit Bikes made in China. These guys have
been around for a while and know their shit.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Assassin A9 140cc YX Big Bore Big Wheel review

Today's review on is on the Assassin A9 140cc YX Big Bore Big Wheel. 

The Assassin A9 140cc YX Big Bore Big Wheel Mini Dirt bike can be found on eBay AU. I choose this Bike because it pretty much sets the benchmark in pit bike quality on the current market. In addition I know the manufacturer quite well and have purchase many containers of this model (under my brand) in the past so I know the quality is Top Notch.

First I want to talk about the overall look of the bike aesthetically it is very pleasing. A cool decal kit and black over white colour scheme just sets it apart and makes the whole bike stand out. Obviously from a marketing point Looks are everything

Not just that it rides as good as it looks. The Lifan 140cc all down gear box enough to propel any wannabe motocross rider to 80km per hour in no time flat. On the local street it's sic and assured to piss your neighbours off but let me assure you my friends this little puppy won't out run a police car so stick the dirt.The oil cooler is more looks than real fuctuality and does sweet FA in circulating the oil and cooling the engine.

The frame single bar chromoly steel (Chinese Style) , replica mukini carbi, (I not allowed to say fake lol) but the carbi works exactly like the authentic item just floods more often when dirt gets in the throat.Other cool features include the GT look alike swing arm which is hollow and not CNC Aluminium, Iron Foot pegs that don't snap when you do a jump, Kenda lookalike tyres which will wear after one weeks hard riding and cost $5-$8 USD to buy from John Lees tyre factory in China.OH and last but not least recycled steel rims which probably came from VW's and HQ model Holden's. Gotta love the Chinese it adds the authentic Aussie flavour to the bike don't you think.

OK, If you think I'm bagging this bike don't, it's only my dry sense of humour. I have purchased hundreds and thousands of dollars worth from this particular manufacture so I know it's a superior model for the market. I can not recommend this model enough.

For the price its GREAT..  Bike specs below.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Are Chinese Mini Dirt bikes Dead? Is it a Buyers Market

Back in the day (I'm talking year 2000) Mini Dirt Bikes were the hottest thing besides slice bread when it was a sellers market. Importers of Mini Dirt bikes in your local area were cleaning up big time. Profits were 300-400% to be modest.

But as the craze grew and people just couldn't supply them fast enough and bigger investors got their share of the cream. When it was only 2-3 sellers on eBay just 6 months later there were 10-15 sellers on eBay for Mini Dirt Bikes. Now that the supply has exceeded demand and the Mini Dirt Bikes have run they're course it's only the extremely committed or extremely stupid importers are making it there sole income. Lot of importers and sellers just can't make the profit they took for granted and have simply left the industry to look for greener pastures. 

So it's really a buyers market now. Lot of sellers on eBay are starting they're auctions at a set price or BIN. This eliminates the chances of losing on the auction if very few people bid in the item. There are 2-3 reputable sellers on eBay left selling Mini Dirt Bikes in eBay Australia. These are the truly hardened sellers who have been selling on eBay for 3+  years.

To sum up " Are Chinese Mini Dirt bikes Dead?" from looking at my local sellers offline in the newspaper and also carefully researching eBay Australia I would definitely say  Yes, Chinese Mini Dirt bikes Dead.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

TDR 125cc Dirt Bike AX Review

The TDR 125cc Dirt Bike AX can be found on ebay Australia. The seller is asonlinepowerseller. I am reviewing this particular bike because it's the most popular model ever sold. When I say most popular model in the context of type of bike it is and parts on the bike. TDR 125cc Dirt Bike AX just happens to be the brand name they called this bike.

Upon reviewing, riding, testing this bike is purely for the beginner. The parts are produced to fit the purpose so to speak. It has a standard single tube frame which will bend on impact if you are over 100kg and atempt a 20ft jump. Ok why would any one trust this $599 Chinese special which looks likes the frame has been built from recycled car boddies and the rims from aluminium cans never the less it is what it is.

Everything on this bike is produced cheap but fro a reason. The forks standard issue conventional forks which are actually really reliable just if you put on lot of weight on them they become too soft. The Rims steelies. Nothing fancy they do the job. Hydraulic disks brakes front and rear. I remember when disk brakes on a dirt bike were the shit. Bike like cars hey, everything is pwr this and pwr that standard issue.

Probably the best part of the bike is the engine. The trusty ole Ducar "aka Honda Copy". The again what haven't the Chinese copied from Honda. The Ducar engines only fawl is it has a small piston. It can over heat and melt in the barrel but that if you flogg the living f*ck out of it. How do I know this because I done it. LOL. I prefer the Lifan engines they gave me less grief. Much of a muchness. 4 down gear box the go less jamming and stripping of 2nd gear in the 1 down, 3 up boxes. Pretty much the 1 down 3 up gear boxes are old school and fazed out because of the 2nd gear problem.

Wow the sticker kit just blows me away. Such creativity. In all the bike is a starter. It will last 12-18months if treat it well. Do the regular oil changes once a month and you'll get ya whole $599 worth out of this little puppy.

But one, Thrash it , then post your comments. Peace..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Atomik Reign Bigfoot 140cc Review

This bike is possibly the best 140cc Pit bike on eBay Australia for price and quality hands down. I'm not just endorsing this bike because I like it but I've bought and tested many bikes and this still stacks up to be the best 140cc bike on the market period.

The Atomik Reign Bigfoot is basically like a Atomik Nitrous but with bigger wheels, 14inch at rear and 17inch on the front. The look and feel of the trellis KLX style frame when riding feels well balanced and conforable. It's great ofr tall teens and adults too. It can hold up too 100kg just with a upgraded rear shock you can make it stiffer at the rear.

The overall quality is what I really like. The workmanship gone into the frame and other components speak for themselves.I mean just by looking at the bike you can tell it will cop and flogging and then some. It will last the test of time compare to other eBay models out there.

I want to talk about the engine. The YX 140cc engine needs no introduction. This engine has proved itself again and again and it's lived up to the challenge. Personally I have flogged a YX engine to the ground untill it literally died. I gave this thing hell and back. I'm taking burning out brand new Carlsbad tyres from new on the concrete for fun to non stop 12hrs hard of riding up hills and in water. (water definately a no no). I also like the Lifan engine. Much the same but sligthly different internals.

One thing I don't about the Atomik Reign Bigfoot is the front suspension setup. others have the same opinion. when jumping the bike on large jumps the fron 17inch tyre will hit the bash plate because the forks compress and because of the load and stresses the forks are not heavy duty enough. This occurs if the rider is too heavry (over 80kg) or the bike is jump over 10ft in the as a rough estimate give or take). The front forks need to be upgraded. You can replace the oil with thicker oil. If you don't want to upgrade the forks which will cost you anywhere from $800-$250 depending on the quality, go to a Dirt bike suspension specialist and theu will replace the spacers in the forks with better ones. This does exactly the same thing.

I would definately replace rear with a chunkier Carslbad tyre. It will tend to slide in the gravel quite easy if your going hard. The Carlsbad grips like a b*tch excuse my french. Other small mods off the bat are Uni filter upgrade  cost you about $30, better grips for comfort, upgrade your chain for a japanese chain. Infact I would do this first over another other small mod. Last thing you want is going riding for a day and having to wheel you bike back for kilometers because your chain snapped in the bush.

The fuel tank looks smaller than the CRF style tank which is higher and wider but the KLX style tank for the Atomik Reign Bigfoot is set into the frame an there is alot of depth and volume for fuel it just looks deceptive.

The faring and new deal design is very motocrossis. It's what the kids want. The white and blue combination is very asfeticlly pleasing to the eye. besides chicks dig the looks. It's all about the looks. People buy this bike because it looks sic I rekon.

If you want a relieable Mini Dirt bike which will last years and give you miniimal greif I highly recommend the Atomik Reign Bigfoot. You can find them on eBay Australia under Trail Bikes>Other.

Thanks for reading this review. Subscribe for more reviews in the furture.


49cc 2 stroke Mini Dirt Bike Review - Ideal Starter Bike or Death Trap

Everyone into Mini Bikes or starting out at some point in time would have come across the 49cc stroke Mini Dirt bike either on ebay or your Local Trusted Mini Bike seller (LoL). You know the ones that look cheap and nasty with the whipper snipper motor and expanded cheap chrome exhaust pipe. These little suckers are like Crane Toads (A introduced pest in Qld in the early century used to elimiate cane toad beattles but over populated out of control) they are in every backyard, in every tool shed it's like every man and his dog had one.

Why did people buy these things. Very simple, they are cheap as chips. I mean the chinese pumped these things out like hot cakes. When they first came out in the market they sold like HOT CAKES. We had never seen something like that before. How can they make it so cheap with a 2 stroke enegine , frame, off road ttres. It looked , felt and sounded like a real dirt bike but 1/8 of the price of a jappa. Even today people still buy them. They are still on eBay selling. I don't think people really care of the quality. The frames are knocked up in 2 mins. A few spot welds here and there and the cheap recycled mild steel frame is good to go. Slap on some grey under coat and that's your rust

Good Points (I'm struggling here)

  • Cheap as chips
  • Excellent for starter rider
  • Low maintenance, suprisingly quite reliable engine if looked after
  • Tank of fuel last 4-6hrs. (100km seriously)
  • Parts cheap, clutches, tyres all can be found on eBay for dollars
  • Good hobby to start very low cost (build a race track get a few mates together)
  • Throw away ite. Easier to replace than repair for non techies

Bad Points (hmmm)

  •  Cheap construction
  •  Cheap material used
  •  No regualated by government so poor workmanship used
  •  Throw away item
  •  Built by unskilled cheap labour force
  •  Cluches wear fast under heavy loads or up hills.
  •  2 stroke motor must be well maintained or frequent problems will occur
  •  3-6 months life span if no maintaince

Don't knock them before you try it. Check them out on eBay if your son or daughter wants a cheap 50cc 2 stroke starter bike for about $200 bucks (a days work for Dad) your child can enjoy the wonders dirt bike riding. Check out eBay

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Reputable Mini Dirt bike Sellers on eBay Australia (updated March 2010)

I've been the in the Mini Dirt bike game for many years. Now I don't do so much I prefer
to build my Internet and website business because the returns are much higher and
overheads lower compared to a traditional business.

Never the less what I can say is back in the glory days when Mini Bikes were hotter than
Elle MAcPherson wearing a G-string there was more demand than supply.

As several months pasted many sellers got on the band wagon. Some 5-6 years later those
sellers (my competitors at the time) are still selling Mini Bikes. For them to stick around
so long they are either picking up the scraps or extremely stupid.

Either way these sellers have lived through thee glory days and now not making as much
profit but have established themselves as trustworthy Powersellers on eBay.

These reputable Sellers (I recommend any of the below) are as follows.

1. Positive Feedback: 99.0%
Feedback score: 23150

2. Positive Feedback: 99.7%
Feedback score: 22862

3. Positive Feedback: 99.7%
Feedback score: 18867

4. Positive Feedback: 99.5%
Feedback score: 3043

5. Positive Feedback: 99.5%
Feedback score: 4909

All these sellers of mini bikes have been importing for 3-4+ years and are trustworthy
sellers. I know them personally and have purchased goods from them in volume in the past.

Good luck bidding