Monday, May 31, 2010

Are Chinese Mini Dirt bikes Dead? Is it a Buyers Market

Back in the day (I'm talking year 2000) Mini Dirt Bikes were the hottest thing besides slice bread when it was a sellers market. Importers of Mini Dirt bikes in your local area were cleaning up big time. Profits were 300-400% to be modest.

But as the craze grew and people just couldn't supply them fast enough and bigger investors got their share of the cream. When it was only 2-3 sellers on eBay just 6 months later there were 10-15 sellers on eBay for Mini Dirt Bikes. Now that the supply has exceeded demand and the Mini Dirt Bikes have run they're course it's only the extremely committed or extremely stupid importers are making it there sole income. Lot of importers and sellers just can't make the profit they took for granted and have simply left the industry to look for greener pastures. 

So it's really a buyers market now. Lot of sellers on eBay are starting they're auctions at a set price or BIN. This eliminates the chances of losing on the auction if very few people bid in the item. There are 2-3 reputable sellers on eBay left selling Mini Dirt Bikes in eBay Australia. These are the truly hardened sellers who have been selling on eBay for 3+  years.

To sum up " Are Chinese Mini Dirt bikes Dead?" from looking at my local sellers offline in the newspaper and also carefully researching eBay Australia I would definitely say  Yes, Chinese Mini Dirt bikes Dead.