Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Assassin A9 140cc YX Big Bore Big Wheel review

Today's review on is on the Assassin A9 140cc YX Big Bore Big Wheel. 

The Assassin A9 140cc YX Big Bore Big Wheel Mini Dirt bike can be found on eBay AU. I choose this Bike because it pretty much sets the benchmark in pit bike quality on the current market. In addition I know the manufacturer quite well and have purchase many containers of this model (under my brand) in the past so I know the quality is Top Notch.

First I want to talk about the overall look of the bike aesthetically it is very pleasing. A cool decal kit and black over white colour scheme just sets it apart and makes the whole bike stand out. Obviously from a marketing point Looks are everything

Not just that it rides as good as it looks. The Lifan 140cc all down gear box enough to propel any wannabe motocross rider to 80km per hour in no time flat. On the local street it's sic and assured to piss your neighbours off but let me assure you my friends this little puppy won't out run a police car so stick the dirt.The oil cooler is more looks than real fuctuality and does sweet FA in circulating the oil and cooling the engine.

The frame single bar chromoly steel (Chinese Style) , replica mukini carbi, (I not allowed to say fake lol) but the carbi works exactly like the authentic item just floods more often when dirt gets in the throat.Other cool features include the GT look alike swing arm which is hollow and not CNC Aluminium, Iron Foot pegs that don't snap when you do a jump, Kenda lookalike tyres which will wear after one weeks hard riding and cost $5-$8 USD to buy from John Lees tyre factory in China.OH and last but not least recycled steel rims which probably came from VW's and HQ model Holden's. Gotta love the Chinese it adds the authentic Aussie flavour to the bike don't you think.

OK, If you think I'm bagging this bike don't, it's only my dry sense of humour. I have purchased hundreds and thousands of dollars worth from this particular manufacture so I know it's a superior model for the market. I can not recommend this model enough.

For the price its GREAT..  Bike specs below.