Saturday, April 17, 2010

TDR 125cc Dirt Bike AX Review

The TDR 125cc Dirt Bike AX can be found on ebay Australia. The seller is asonlinepowerseller. I am reviewing this particular bike because it's the most popular model ever sold. When I say most popular model in the context of type of bike it is and parts on the bike. TDR 125cc Dirt Bike AX just happens to be the brand name they called this bike.

Upon reviewing, riding, testing this bike is purely for the beginner. The parts are produced to fit the purpose so to speak. It has a standard single tube frame which will bend on impact if you are over 100kg and atempt a 20ft jump. Ok why would any one trust this $599 Chinese special which looks likes the frame has been built from recycled car boddies and the rims from aluminium cans never the less it is what it is.

Everything on this bike is produced cheap but fro a reason. The forks standard issue conventional forks which are actually really reliable just if you put on lot of weight on them they become too soft. The Rims steelies. Nothing fancy they do the job. Hydraulic disks brakes front and rear. I remember when disk brakes on a dirt bike were the shit. Bike like cars hey, everything is pwr this and pwr that standard issue.

Probably the best part of the bike is the engine. The trusty ole Ducar "aka Honda Copy". The again what haven't the Chinese copied from Honda. The Ducar engines only fawl is it has a small piston. It can over heat and melt in the barrel but that if you flogg the living f*ck out of it. How do I know this because I done it. LOL. I prefer the Lifan engines they gave me less grief. Much of a muchness. 4 down gear box the go less jamming and stripping of 2nd gear in the 1 down, 3 up boxes. Pretty much the 1 down 3 up gear boxes are old school and fazed out because of the 2nd gear problem.

Wow the sticker kit just blows me away. Such creativity. In all the bike is a starter. It will last 12-18months if treat it well. Do the regular oil changes once a month and you'll get ya whole $599 worth out of this little puppy.

But one, Thrash it , then post your comments. Peace..