Friday, March 26, 2010

49cc 2 stroke Mini Dirt Bike Review - Ideal Starter Bike or Death Trap

Everyone into Mini Bikes or starting out at some point in time would have come across the 49cc stroke Mini Dirt bike either on ebay or your Local Trusted Mini Bike seller (LoL). You know the ones that look cheap and nasty with the whipper snipper motor and expanded cheap chrome exhaust pipe. These little suckers are like Crane Toads (A introduced pest in Qld in the early century used to elimiate cane toad beattles but over populated out of control) they are in every backyard, in every tool shed it's like every man and his dog had one.

Why did people buy these things. Very simple, they are cheap as chips. I mean the chinese pumped these things out like hot cakes. When they first came out in the market they sold like HOT CAKES. We had never seen something like that before. How can they make it so cheap with a 2 stroke enegine , frame, off road ttres. It looked , felt and sounded like a real dirt bike but 1/8 of the price of a jappa. Even today people still buy them. They are still on eBay selling. I don't think people really care of the quality. The frames are knocked up in 2 mins. A few spot welds here and there and the cheap recycled mild steel frame is good to go. Slap on some grey under coat and that's your rust

Good Points (I'm struggling here)

  • Cheap as chips
  • Excellent for starter rider
  • Low maintenance, suprisingly quite reliable engine if looked after
  • Tank of fuel last 4-6hrs. (100km seriously)
  • Parts cheap, clutches, tyres all can be found on eBay for dollars
  • Good hobby to start very low cost (build a race track get a few mates together)
  • Throw away ite. Easier to replace than repair for non techies

Bad Points (hmmm)

  •  Cheap construction
  •  Cheap material used
  •  No regualated by government so poor workmanship used
  •  Throw away item
  •  Built by unskilled cheap labour force
  •  Cluches wear fast under heavy loads or up hills.
  •  2 stroke motor must be well maintained or frequent problems will occur
  •  3-6 months life span if no maintaince

Don't knock them before you try it. Check them out on eBay if your son or daughter wants a cheap 50cc 2 stroke starter bike for about $200 bucks (a days work for Dad) your child can enjoy the wonders dirt bike riding. Check out eBay

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