Sunday, December 28, 2008

BRAAAP MINI BIKES - High Class Mini Bikes or just over price chinese crap

Most of you who are in the Mini Bike scene have either seen or heard of Braaap,
if you haven't go to braap dot com dot au .

Basically they are a High end Mini bike. Their competitors are Terra moto (Formly Thumpstar), Motovert and Puzey to name a few.Seriously I think the name sounds a little gay but that's only my opinion.

The Braaap Mini Bike Company is based in Tasmania, Australia. They basically have 2 models of pit bike The 'braaapster maestro' and The braaapster Pro.

The braaapster Pro uses the older design A-frame swing arm but obviously with new frame, front and rear suspension etc. I think the old A-frame design is still the strongest although most riders buy the single swing arm setup because it looks way more cooler.

I want to talk more about the 'braaapster maestro' designed in Australia. First off the bike looks sic it needs to because of the price but readon. The frame is Aluminium and stands out like dogs ball on a mouse.:) They done a good job on the frame. Its CNC billet and tig welded. CNC meaning the frame is not poured into a cast its cut by a machine from a solid block of Aluminium then heat treated thats why it cost so much more. You pay for quality its that simple peoples.

Pic of frame click here
Pic of Swing arm click here

Pic of engine click here

The Maestros has plenty of other goodies on it to justify the price tag such as CNC Dress up kit, CNC kick starter, CNC triple trees, CNC Billet hubs, CNC foot brake etc. The Front forks are quality and fully adjustable. I like that so when I hit jumps hard you know my fat arse won't break the bike. It comes with a optional 140cc or 150cc engine upgrade. You don't have to buy the 125cc regulation run of the mill cornflake packet variety that every Tom, Dick and Harry already has. The 140 or 150 braaap© engine I suspect is a YX engine. Seriously are they going to invest thousands of dollars in a The braaap© engine especially made for them or easier to get a ready proven engine and put a braaap side cover on it. I tend to believe the later.

It could have come with some Kenda tyres and Pro Taper bars as standard but you can't have everything boys and girls.

The braaap is a proven bike it has sucessfully won titles in Victoria and Nationals under Motard and Super Motocross class respectively.

The easy payment payment plan from $24 bucks a week or out right $3599 for a 125cc, $3899 for the 140cc and $3999 for the race kitted 150cc. I think that's a funny sales pitch as see on Tv they should throw in some free steak knives too lol. The customer either buys or gets insulted, I like it.

If you think I'm a bit hard on the bike I'm only giving you the hard facts how it is no sugar coating my friends. But in saying everything above if your just starting out pit bike riding don't buy a braaap.

If you getting into Mini bike racing and want something with a bit more quality that won't break in a hurry then definitely buy a braaap. If you a big kid like me that should be riding bigger jap bikes like a 450cc but won't let go of your youth then go buy a braaap.

So are braaap mini bikes High Class Mini Bikes or just over price Chinese crap in my opinion they are worth every dollar. Maybe the guys at braaap could make it a little more affordable dropping the price say $250-$400 they would sell alot more. But out of the high end bikes the braaapster maestro is my choice. Thumps up guys keep up the good work. :)

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