Friday, August 7, 2009

Customize Your Pit bike by adding Your Own Flavour

Customize your pit bike by adding a little favour of your own. You don't want to look like your mates bike. You want your bike to look original to suit your own style so the chicks dig it and you get noticed out on the track. Here are my Top 10 recommendations both to improve looks and performance. Most to the mods are cheap. It will also add value to your bike if you want to resell it later you'll get more for it.

My Top 10 Recommendations

1. Trash Your factory sticker kits. Add a nice looking Monster kit , DC Shoes Kits.

2.. Pro Taper XR / CRF50 Kit includes 7" Rise chromoly Pro Taper Handlebar and Pad ,Throttle and Brake cables. Kill switch. Brake lever/Perch. Pro Taper half waffle grips. Throttle housing assembly

3. Billet Pegs, Billet Gear Selector, Billet Brake Lever, Billet, Rear Billet Sprocket 37Tooth

4. Clear Sprocket Side Cover

5. Inner Rotor Kit includes Hi Rev 15,000 rpm Computer Chip

6. After Market Uni Filter

7. Kenda / Millville Tyres

8. Engine Dress up Kit

9. Hi Flow After Market Exhaust System (Pro Circuit)

10. Billet Alloy Hubs

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