Monday, December 22, 2008

How to pick a good 125cc dirt bike

How to pick a good 125cc dirt bike? Well basically it needs to look strong sounds pretty obvious but look at the frame and finer details of the welds and you will know straight up whether its worth the price. Cheap manufactures try to hide the're shoty workmanship with a coat of paint but pay attention closely at the welds. A silver frame shows the weld up more so than a black frame. Here is a pit bike with Monster CRF plastics (early 2008 model) . This bike runs a trelace frame but 14/12 rims. It is a very popular model if you like the small wheel type pit bike. It rins a ball bearing swing arm, USD forks, jump rated at 20ft. Single piston capiler front and rear with non asbestos Copper pads. It has a monster kit which it visually appealing and a easy selling bike. Let me know your thoughts.

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