Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where to buy mini dirt bikes?

If your in Australia the BEST Place to buy mini dirt bike cheap is ebay.

Always if your skeptical about ebay then atleast research the market.

Ok if you not familiar with ebay or confident in buying on the internet then that's no problem.

What you want to do is research the market and models out there by going on ebay and looking up information on mini dirt bikes.

I am refering to chinese dirt bikes.

Go to

click on the catagory
(The sub catagories may change in time but you get the idea)

Pay close attention to the brand names in the china dirt bikes such as Pitpro, Atomik, BSE

These are all good manufactures. The quality is stable and product is made from the bigger and more established suppliers.

Don't always be focused on price. Pay $700-$800 for a pitpro, atomik or BSE with specs like
upside down forks, Lifan engine, billet style 32 spoke rims, trelace or 2 bar(SDG) frame.

You can't go wrong. He's a good pic of a solidly build bike yet looks awesome, jump rated and won't break the bank. RRP $899

Happy hunting

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