Saturday, September 26, 2009

Most Critical Step When First Buying a Pit Bike Off EBay

The No.1 thing you MUST NOT DO when first buying a Pit bike is to
rev the absolute sh*t out of the engine from the get go.

Congratulations you just prevented killing your engine life by 50%.

The proper way even though it's tempting to thang from the start is to
to assemble the bike as per instructions detailed below.


* Front wheel
* Handle Bars
* Check fuel lines & wiring, spark plug lead
* Plastics & decals
* Go over the bike completely with a spanner.
* Lock tight the important parts on the bike that receive the most vibration.

These parts are the Exhaust brackets, Muffler brackets, Engine mounts, plastics, head stem nuts etc..Why ? Because when you are out riding over time whey will vibrate loose and you could lose parts of your bike in the bush or even worse in the act of riding which can cause failure or serious harm to the rider


Make sure the red kill switch is turned off. This is usually located on the front of the handle bars. Pour fuel into the fuel tank only enough to enter the carburetor for now. Put the bike into neutral and kick the engine with your right foot.

Run the engine in with 1-2 tanks of fuel on 50% throttle only. Most China Pit bike bought on eBay with have the same generic tanks which hold about 2.9 liters of fuel. It will take approx 4hrs per tank so it will take you all day. You'll be tempted to skip this step but don't. This is very critical step because it sets the rings and piston in the barrel and basically gets the engine ready for hard riding. Without this proper running in stage your rings can not seat and you can easily melt your piston onto the crank. I've seen this happen many times. You'll be up for a new engine straight away.

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