Friday, October 2, 2009

Pit Bike Horsepower- Increase Your Pit Bike Horsepower 20% by Just Doing 3 Simple Things

We bought 2 parts which we will bolt on and replace the original parts with.

First thing you need to buy is a iridium Spark plug. This little bad boy is amazing.

It basically super charges your spark so your bike will fire allot easier and with

more bite. In fact you can test it buy taking the spark plug out of the engine and

holding it about 5cm away and kick the bike. The current will jump and still ignite the

coil. You will see a blue lightning bolt. Its cool and this type of spark plug is your

secret weapon. Cost is about $10 but its worth every cent.

The Second mod you will need is a Uni Filter. Throw the standard pod filter away and buy a

Uni filter. This a the best brand in the market and is washable. Make sure you oil it

up with Filter oil so dirt does not get into your engine. The uni filter must have the

same diameter mouth so it will fit onto your original carburetter.

Thirdly and probably the mod that gives you the most back for your buck but cost you nothing

just some elbow grease is grinding or porting your exhaust flange. This step is highly

under estimated. The factory exhaust system is probably cheap but it doesn't matter. You don't

need a after market exhaust. Undo the bottom bolts of the exhaust. Where the flange ends

is where they weld it to the exhaust itself. Inside this section you want to and port

(car term) or smooth out with a die grinder. After your finish run your finger inside the

exhaust inlet and it should feel smooth. Its a finicky process and time consuming but

trust me its worth the effort. Make sure now shaving go back into your engine buy cleaning

the exhaust before re bolting on. You make need use a new copper flange (kind of like O-ring

but copper) if your bike is old you will need to replace it.

Your done. You now have better spark. You now have a aftermarket pod filter so your engine

will breathe allot freer and also sound better and you have a hi-flowing exhaust system.

Try it today and you will see overall response in rev range much quicker, smoother take off

and less crackles in top end.

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