Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kids Riding Unregisted Pit Bikes in Urban Environments Attacting a Lot of Attention

It's a alarming trend that kids are riding unregistered Pit Bikes in urban environments which is attracting alot of attention by concerned parents and the police. In my local town kids don't seem to care where they ride Pit bikes on the main street.

Anywhere and everywhere they ride there bikes evading the police to enjoy the thrill of bike riding but at what cost to them and what cost to society. In my local town they do sell registered pit bikes but to ride one you have to have a bike license so your pretty much a motorcyclist on the road. Kids who ride pit bikes are under aged, don't have any sense of road rules and don't have a motorcycle license. To them riding a bike is a way to having fun. Why they rid on the streets is there's no where else to ride. 85% of the time people get upset because of the noise the bikes make.I bet everyone has heard in some point in time a screaming motorbike tearing down the street. Then you look outside its a young kid on a off road dirt bike with out helmet and safety gear.

Not all the blame can be put on the kids. Kids are kids if don't have a place to ride they will ride anywhere they think they can get away with it. Society and local councils have to share some blame in the growing problem. It's a matter of time until we see young kids getting killed on the roads like we saw with stand up petrol scooters . Bikes are dangerous and riding unregistered with no insurance is suicide.

How do we fix the problem is by providing community awareness, education, rider safety courses and build tracks for the kids to ride so they stay off the road. Local members of parliament need to step up and address these issues with there local communities. With that said local councils need to spend money on infrastructure. The community also need to do there part with parents discipline they're kids instead of the police doing it.

Without the joint efforts of Government and society the problem won't go way.

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