Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Truth about Pit Pro Dirt Bikes !!

Today I am going to talk about Pit Pro Dirt bikes.

(Note: I am note affiliated or paided by Pitpro in anyway way)

I'm just going to call it how I see it.

If you go on eBay Australia and search

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# Buy >
# Cars, Bikes, Boats >
# Motorcycles >
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You'll come across the Chinese Dirt bikes for sale. The Pit Pro Dirt bikes,
AKA. MOTOVERT's lower end range just under a different brand but owned buy
the same company, have been on ebay for several years now. I don't know
the exact time frame but and guessing 3+ years.

What I like about the Pit Pro Range is they come from a reputable Chinese
supplier that has been manufacturing Pit Bikes for as long as the late 90's.
The whole range from 50cc to 160cc are from one Supplier so the quality
is consistant.

The new XR range caught in eye in particular although I have been watching
them for quite some time the minor problems which we nortorious with Pit bikes
like Frames breaking , Rims despokeing, Fork Seal bursting are a thing of the

The XR range is like buying a Hamburger with the Lot. It already equipped
with indestrutcable Trellis frame, Kenda Tyres, sports Pro Curcuit replica
exhaust, Massive 160cc monster output engine, Alloy swing arm and decent
plastics & graphics. It's a impressive looking bike on the showroom and
attracts attention. The only thing it needs is decent Japanese chain and
probably a set of Pro Tapers and your good to race.

I liked the bike so much bought several of them. They ride nice but what
amazed me the most was how much power the 160cc engine can produce. It sets you
back as you try to hold on the handle bars going forward from 2nd, 3rd, and
4th gears very quickly. The 160cc engine runs a lightned fly wheel. It spins
up very quickly because it doesn't have a large magneto to spin. There's hardly
any weight so the throttle response is instant bit like a 2 stroke engine but
without the annoying lawn mover high pitch sound. The throttle can be tricky
if your a novice as you need to keep the revs up or you can easily stall the
engine if you in the thick stuff.

The XR range for internmediate buyer prepared to spend $1600+. I say to all
those who are interested in Pit bike riding it doesn't come better than this
bike, for the features this bike has the price is a bargain in my opinion. It
won't break on you in the first

Happy and Safe Riding..